Posted on June 16th, 2011

Green Party of Ontario
A proposed mega-quarry in Melancthon Township is threatening Ontario’s drinking water and farmland. Together we can stop this from going ahead, and so today I am writing to ask for your help.
The proposed mega-quarry, roughly 1/3 the size of Toronto, would be the largest in Ontario’s history. Located at the headwaters of five major river systems, it will destroy some of Ontario’s most fertile farmland. The quarry would manage and manipulate about 600 million litres of water every day- that is approximately 25% of Ontario’s average daily water usage!

Shockingly, a project of this magnitude does not require an Environmental Assessment. Instead, it is subject to approval by Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) through the less rigorous Aggregate Resources Act.

This is where you come in.

You can take action to protect our drinking water and prime farmland.

Here’s how you can help:

Register a comment to MNR in opposition to the quarry via the Environment Registry. I have submitted my comment today, and you can also submit your EBR comment here before July 11.

Write John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment, asking him to designate this project for a full Environmental Assessment. A sample letter is available here and may be sent to the address below.

Please take a few minutes to raise your voice and send a clear message that Ontarians do not want a mega-quarry that threatens our water and farmland.

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference, to make Ontario a better, more sustainable place.

Mike Schreiner, Leader
Green Party of Ontario


The comment period on the mega quarry has been extended until July 11, 2011. To submit formal comments to the MNR’s posting on the Environmental Registry, please visit and search under posting #011-2864. For information about the posting, please contact Mr. Craig Laing, Aggregate Resources Officer, Midhurst District, Ministry of Natural Resources, at 705-725-7532.

Request that the mega quarry be subject to a full environmental assessment by writing:
Hon. John Wilkinson, Minister
Ministry of Environment
11th Floor Ferguson Block
77 Wellesley St. West
Toronto, ON M7A 2T5
[email protected]

The GPO Platform

Posted on May 29th, 2011

GPC – PVC Logo

Dear Green Party of Canada Supporter:

It’s Time: A five-point plan for Ontario’s futureOn May 25th, Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader Mike Schreiner, alongside fellow candidates, shadow cabinet members and supporters, released the 2011 Provincial Election Platform. Mike presented the GPO’s five-point plan for Ontario’s future, a bold vision for building a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable province for all Ontarians. If you weren’t able to attend the platofrm launch at Queen’s Park, you can see the video online from the convenience of your home or office.

We made history on May 2nd, permanently changing the Canadian political landscape. The election of Elizabeth May as our first Green MP to the House of Commons is an accomplishment we can all be proud of. We have proven that it is very possible to win seats within our current electoral system, just as Caroline Lucas in the UK and Adam Bandt in Australia have done.

Here in Ontario, the GPO is eager to build on our historic moment. With the federal election behind us, we hope you can now look towards the Ontario provincial election just over four months away. To that end, the GPO’s five-point plan – found at – is the next step in building upon our historic feat:

Creating jobs for a 21st-century economy;
Harnessing safe, affordable energy to power our communities;
Promoting access to quality, sustainable health care close to home;
Feeding our communities by championing local farms; and
Delivering government that works for people.

To get your free copy of the GPO’s election platform, come to one of the provincial platform launch events, or request a copy by filling out the online order form.

Thank you for your support of the Green Party of Canada and Ontario. We both hope you roll up your sleeves and take part in the upcoming provincial election campaign.

Yours Sincerely,

Becky Smit, Provincial Campaign Manager
Becky Smit, Provincial Campaign Manager
Johan Hamels
Executive Director
Green Party of Canada Becky Smit
Executive Director

Bill McKibben connects the dots

Posted on May 23rd, 2011

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

By Bill McKibben, Monday, May 23, 7:26 PM

Caution: It is vitally important not to make connections. When you see pictures of rubble like this week’s shots from Joplin, Mo., you should not wonder: Is this somehow related to the tornado outbreak three weeks ago in Tuscaloosa, Ala., or the enormous outbreak a couple of weeks before that (which, together, comprised the most active April for tornadoes in U.S. history). No, that doesn’t mean a thing.

It is far better to think of these as isolated, unpredictable, discrete events. It is not advisable to try to connect them in your mind with, say, the fires burning across Texas — fires that have burned more of America at this point this year than any wildfires have in previous years. Texas, and adjoining parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico, are drier than they’ve ever been — the drought is worse than that of the Dust Bowl. But do not wonder if they’re somehow connected.

If you did wonder, you see, you would also have to wonder about whether this year’s record snowfalls and rainfalls across the Midwest — resulting in record flooding along the Mississippi — could somehow be related. And then you might find your thoughts wandering to, oh, global warming, and to the fact that climatologists have been predicting for years that as we flood the atmosphere with carbon we will also start both drying and flooding the planet, since warm air holds more water vapor than cold air.

It’s far smarter to repeat to yourself the comforting mantra that no single weather event can ever be directly tied to climate change. There have been tornadoes before, and floods — that’s the important thing. Just be careful to make sure you don’t let yourself wonder why all these record-breaking events are happening in such proximity — that is, why there have been unprecedented megafloods in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan in the past year. Why it’s just now that the Arctic has melted for the first time in thousands of years. No, better to focus on the immediate casualties, watch the videotape from the store cameras as the shelves are blown over. Look at the news anchorman standing in his waders in the rising river as the water approaches his chest.

Because if you asked yourself what it meant that the Amazon has just come through its second hundred-year drought in the past five years, or that the pine forests across the western part of this continent have been obliterated by a beetle in the past decade — well, you might have to ask other questions. Such as: Should President Obama really just have opened a huge swath of Wyoming to new coal mining? Should Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sign a permit this summer allowing a huge new pipeline to carry oil from the tar sands of Alberta? You might also have to ask yourself: Do we have a bigger problem than $4-a-gallon gasoline?

Better to join with the U.S. House of Representatives, which voted 240 to 184 this spring to defeat a resolution saying simply that “climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for public health and welfare.” Propose your own physics; ignore physics altogether. Just don’t start asking yourself whether there might be some relation among last year’s failed grain harvest from the Russian heat wave, and Queensland’s failed grain harvest from its record flood, and France’s and Germany’s current drought-related crop failures, and the death of the winter wheat crop in Texas, and the inability of Midwestern farmers to get corn planted in their sodden fields. Surely the record food prices are just freak outliers, not signs of anything systemic.

It’s very important to stay calm. If you got upset about any of this, you might forget how important it is not to disrupt the record profits of our fossil fuel companies. If worst ever did come to worst, it’s reassuring to remember what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce told the Environmental Protection Agency in a recent filing: that there’s no need to worry because “populations can acclimatize to warmer climates via a range of behavioral, physiological, and technological adaptations.” I’m pretty sure that’s what residents are telling themselves in Joplin today.
published in the Washington Post may 23

Bill McKibben is founder of the global climate campaign and a distinguished scholar at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Election Blues

Posted on May 1st, 2011

Posted on May 1, 2011 by skitai

So, as our 41st federal election nears its inevitable conclusion, it seems appropriate to reflect on the highs and lows of the campaign. It has certainly been a long five weeks.

I’ll start with the positives. I have not yet heard a single constituent deny the existence of climate change, or dismiss the environment as an issue not worthy of our attention. While rarely discussed in the media, these are nevertheless serious concerns on the minds of most Canadians. At the door, I’ve met intelligent, upstanding citizens with an appreciation of democracy and well-informed political opinions.

Despite these heartening experiences, I nevertheless find myself rather discouraged by the events of the past five weeks. Locally, I’ve witnessed the kind of deceit and dirty tactics that some might argue are inevitable in the world of politics. I’ve seen the cynical use of race and religious issues, as well as vicious personal attacks from all sides in an attempt to win votes. On top of all of this, we’ve heard constituent after constituent tell us that, while they support our platform and would love to vote Green, they’re “voting strategically” this time. This hurts and offends me for a variety of reasons. I’m distressed by the fact that environment has been sidelined as an issue of the left, when it should be a challenge embraced by all parties. I’m hurt that individuals would rather vote against a party they’re afraid of than vote for a platform that they believe in. There are flaws in the system, certainly, but there’s more to it than that. It seems that our collective decision at the ballot box is increasingly motivated by fear.

On a more personal note, I’m hurt because I’ve witnessed just how hard my mom has worked on this campaign. She’ll spend a day in the operating room, and then bike off, laden down with flyers, to canvass until 9pm. On her days off, she’ll canvass for twelve hours without stopping. I must also mention that this is, by no means, a fully staffed campaign. When volunteers aren’t available, she’ll go ahead and canvass on her own. Despite being absolutely terrified of public speaking, she’s attended every all-candidates debate in our riding and has performed extremely well. Oh, and she’s barely eaten or slept in the last five weeks. Despite these Herculean efforts, the NDP candidate in our riding, who has spent the entire writ period working hundreds of miles away and is literally a name on the ballot, is projected to get more votes. I suppose that’s just the nature of a national campaign. But regardless, whatever the outcome of this election may be, I’m prouder of my mom than words can express.

On a national scale, I’ve witnessed a distressing decline in our political discourse. Everything I’ve heard at the door has led me to believe that Canadians are highly intelligent and well informed. Yet every political party (including my own) seems to find it necessary to reduce highly complex issues into simple talking points, to the detriment of the public’s understanding as well as any attempt to find pragmatic solutions to pressing social problems. Sure, we can respond to these issues with sharp phrases like “free market!” or “social safety net!”. But if we’re honest, we’ll admit that no market is truly free, just as no social safety net is exempt from its opportunity costs. These issues are incredibly nuanced, and they require evidence-based solutions that will ultimately come from the pragmatic middle ground that emerges when politicians reach across the aisle, stop bickering, and start working together for the benefit of Canada.

Is this just typical idealistic, hippy-dippy Green banter? Perhaps. But this is my plea to all of you, regardless of your political stripes. Demand nuance and complexity. Demand civility. Demand respect for yourself, your community, and your county.

And, even if you find yourself as discouraged as I do today, don’t stay home on May 2nd. Please vote. It’s your right, your responsibility, and your privilege. Red, blue, orange or green…I think the importance of democracy is something we can all agree on.

Green Party rated best on reform proposals

Posted on April 29th, 2011

“Elizabeth May’s Green Party scores best of the five major parties on promised government ethics reforms, advocacy group Democracy Watch says.

Rated on their platform promises to make government more accountable to Canadians, the Greens got a B- and scored the best in three of the five areas Democracy Watch rated — efficient government, citizen-driven government and general accountability.

Gilles Duceppe’s Bloc Québécois followed, scoring best in ethical government and open government. That earned them a C- overall.

Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals were awarded an F and have the distinction of getting the worst grade in all five areas. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Jack Layton’s NDP also got an F.

Duff Conacher, head of Democracy Watch, said the NDP grade was surprising, because the NDP has pushed for accountability reforms in the past. Those reforms were largely missing from their platform, however.

“For some bizarre reason, the NDP decided not to set out their proposals for democratic reform, ethics reform and government accountability reform in their platform,” Conacher said. “This is most bizarre, because a major theme of their election campaign has been that people should elect NDP to fix Ottawa.”

The Conservatives had the best grade in 2006, he said, with 60 measures set out to clean up government.

This time, however, “the Conservatives are way down and have essentially abandoned that whole area of making pledges in any significant way,” Conacher said.

“All the parties except the Green Party have failed to address high voter concern about democracy and trust issues,” he said.”

Source: Laura Payton, CBC News

Greens Take Their Story Directly To Canadians

OTTAWA 4/28/2011 – On May 1, the Green Party of Canada presents its vision to Canadian voters with the world premiere of the half-hour television show: “May in Your House.” For the first time in this election, voters will have a chance to hear about the Green Party’s leader, history and platform. “May in Your House” airs Sunday, May 1 at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST on Business News Network (BNN) & CHEK-TV at 6:30-7pm PST, Victoria. A sneak preview is available at

“Instead of a 30-second attack ad, we have produced a 30-minute exploration of a real alternative to the traditional parties,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada.

“May in Your House” explores the practical, realistic Green Party approaches to real problems faced by Canadians: climate change, jobs, health care, education, pensions, youth unemployment and more.

“Our approach has been ignored by the media that excluded us from the debate, so we have produced our own story,” said Ms. May.
On Sunday, May 1, just one day prior to the general election, all Canadians will have the opportunity to view this engaging half-hour documentary focusing on the Green Party of Canada and Ms. May, the party’s vibrant, charismatic leader and 2011 Federal Election candidate for the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. This absorbing, fast-paced program will highlight the Green Party’s unique vision of a new Canada, one devoted to positive solutions and a bold, bright future.

They’ll discover Vision Green, the party’s practical, ground-breaking platform dedicated to creating a Smart Economy, Strong Communities, and True Democracy.

And they’ll get real, honest answers to the myriad of questions they’ve been asking in this election campaign, from a party that delivers a fresh new approach Canadians have been searching for.

If you’re one of the millions of Canadians who is feeling disaffected this election, who has lost confidence in government, and who is looking for vibrant, fresh ideas for fixing our country’s problems, this is your opportunity to find out more about this exciting party and its bold, visionary leader, Elizabeth May.

Make plans to watch “May in Your House,” Sunday, May 1 at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST on BNN & CHEK-TV at 6:30pm PST. A sneak preview is available at

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Missed the Debate? Listen Here!

Posted on April 28th, 2011

Did you miss your local all-candidates debate? Click here to listen to Georgina’s opening remarks at the April 26 debate, sponsored by the Leaside Property Owners Association.

Also, you can hear a ‘mini-debate’ that took place the next morning on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning that featured Georgina, John Carmichael and Rob Oliphant, clicking this link!

The Greens Get an A!

Posted on April 28th, 2011

Sierra Club Canada releases its 2011 Federal Election Environmental Report Card

OTTAWA – In response to an overwhelming demand from members and supporters, Sierra Club Canada is today releasing its 2011 Election Report Card.

The five major parties are awarded grades based on their platforms, statements and actions.

The final grades are as follows:

Green Party: A
Bloc: C
Liberals: C-
Conservatives: F

“Using and online survey tool, we asked our members what action we should take in the election,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “Over 1000 people responded in less than 48 hours – a strong majority of them requesting we provide information based on fair and accurate comparisons of the environmental positions of the parties.”


The first draft of the Report Card was emailed to 12,000 supporters on Sunday, April 17 for their review and input.

“The feedback we received helped make the report card a much stronger document,” said Bennett. “We have never seen such interest from our supporters. They are clearly disappointed the environment is not being discussed in this election.”

The Election report Card was produced by experts, volunteers and staff from across Canada. The information provided by the parties was fairly compiled, scrutinized and judged against what needs to be done to protect Canada’s natural environment.

The report card was not intended to be a comprehensive review of all the environmental issues of concern to Sierra Club Canada, but based on environmental policies touched on by the parties in this election.

“The report card was truly a cooperative, participatory effort from beginning to end. I want to thank everyone involved,” said Bennett. “We look forward to the next opportunity to engage our grassroots supporters. They are a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to us.”

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada

Rate Georgina Wilcock!

Posted on April 27th, 2011

Rate Georgina Wilcock at

Visit this website to compare candidates in the Don Valley West riding to help you decide that Georgina is the best candidate to represent you!

Green Signs Going Missing

Posted on April 27th, 2011

“Dear Georgina,

So last night someone stole my green lawn sign.

I called the police and filed a report. An officer came to my house this morning and took my statement. I did that because I saw on the news that other signs were being stolen in an area close to here. Have you heard of other signs being stolen?



If you are experiencing any issues with your Green Party sign, let us know, and we will get you another sign as soon as possible: [email protected]

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