Posted on January 7th, 2011

Smart Economy
Canada has an opportunity to shift from an economic model based on the unsustainable exploitation of our resources to a sustainable and resilient economic model based on conservation and renewable resources, a model that advances the common good and ensures quality of life for all Canadians. Canada can meet this challenge by investing in innovative solutions that are part of a comprehensive vision for our country – a vision rooted in Canadian values.  Responsible budgeting, forward-looking investing, and a concern for those who are least fortunate among us are the principles that guide our economic planning.

  • no more grey-industry bail-outs
  • income-splitting for families
  • lower payroll and income taxes
  • higher taxes on polluting industries
  • turn blue collar work into green collar jobs

Strong Communities
The Green Party of Canada is committed to nurturing families and communities through integrated policies that focus on the welfare of the child, starting with prenatal nutrition all the way to affordable housing and accessible post secondary education. We believe we must stop designing our communities around the car and start designing them around families and children. There are no easy solutions. We have to address the multi-layered problems facing families through new, innovative fiscal, labour and social policies.

  • a real national childcare plan
  • income-splitting for families
  • a Charter right to clean air and water
  • support for family farms
  • flex hours for working parents

True Democracy
When our government is at its best, it represents all of us and brings us together to accomplish things we cannot accomplish alone. Our parliament should be a model of statesmanship and cooperation, working for the good of all Canadians. It should deal creatively and constructively with issues and spend taxpayers’ money prudently. MPs should be elected through a fair voting system that ensures parties get a share of seats in Parliament that is equal to their share of popular vote. Canadians should be proud of their government and trust that it is acting in their best interests.

  • make every vote count
  • restore power to your local MP
  • bring transparency to government
  • connect policy with Canadian values — not with lobbyists’ interests